Internet Privacy Statement

We know we are dealing with sensitive information and want to reassure you that we take every step possible to ensure your privacy.

  • Passcode: Your passcode is extremely private and secure. Once you have changed your passcode from the one you were originally assigned, no one else will know it. This includes the FundsXpress Financial Network and our financial institution. We do not know your passcode and we do not need to know it. No one from FundsXpress or our financial institution will ever ask you for it.
  • Cookies: A cookie is a piece of data given to a browser by a web server, so that the browser will hand it back to the server on subsequent visits.
    Internet banking uses a cookie when you log on. This lets us give you access to your accounts without making you enter your passcode more than once per session. The cookie changes each time you log on, so it is useless once you have logged off. No one can use it to access your account.
    Cookies do not read your hard drive and ours will not supply us with any new information about you.
  • Sharing Information: We will only share information about you and your accounts when necessary. We will never sell any information about you. Some cases where we will share information include:
    • When we are ordered to do so by a subpoena or court order.
    • When we must do so in order to provide a service or complete a transaction you have requested.
    • In order to investigate fraud or abuse of our system.
    • In order to monitor the system's performance.
  • Session Traces: We retain the right to make and keep logs of all activity in our system. However, we would only do this in order to trace a problem or in case of a suspected security breach. We will not share this information.