About Us

The Bank with a professional attitude and hometown friendliness!

National Bank & Trust, located at 145 West Colorado Street in La Grange, has been a major factor in the development and expansion of the business and agricultural communities of this area since 1888.

National Bank & Trust is a full service Bank with friendly people who take the time to listen and talk with customers about their banking needs.

Whether you are looking for a new car loan, a checking account or a business loan, or the latest technology in on-line banking, National Bank & Trust associates are ready to serve you with some of the most innovative products offered by the banking industry.

Our History

In May, 1888, the organizers of The First National met to capitalize the bank and to begin the process of applying for a federal bank charter. On July 9th, 1888, Federal Charter No. 3906 was granted, and The First National has operated under the same charter since then. The bank was capitalized with $50,000.

Fifty years later, on December 31, 1938, deposits were $833,882 and loans were $131,118. By December 31, 1963, deposits had grown to $7,044,716 and loans had grown to $1,055,983. On September 30, 1988, the bank's deposits were $65,125,889 and loans were $36,760,647. In 1888, the population of the United States then was 60,496,000 versus 1988 population of 248,900,000. The First National Bank changed its name in November 1998 to National Bank & Trust.

In 1888, a three-bedroom home could be purchased for $2,200. One dozen eggs cost 20 cents, a loaf of bread was 5 cents, and one gallon of milk was only 26 cents.

The Washington Monument was completed in 1888 and self-propelled combine harvesters were introduced. Burroughs patented the adding machine, and Kodak camera was first marketed by George Eastman. Composer Irvin Berlin, actor Maurice Chevalier, and coach Knute Rockne were all born in 1888. The 1888 fashion scene saw high choker collars for men and lots of lace for the ladies.